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Top 10 Things You Will Never Hear at The Masters

Posted on Apr/24/2012

10. “Hold on, I need to post this video to Facebook”
In this social media obsessed world it may surprise you to know that you cannot bring a smart phone into the Masters. No cell phones are allowed on the course at all, actually, but we’ll get to that, next.
9. “Can I borrow your cell phone?”
Even if your phone isn’t the fancy kind that takes pictures and posts things to social media sites, you won’t be allowed to bring it in to the Masters Tournament. Cell phones ring, people talk on them, and texting makes noise, too. All of these things can cause a distraction to the players and other patrons of the tournament. Enjoy the time spent unplugged!
8. “Cheese!”
Just like cell phones and PDAs, cameras are not allowed during the regular play at the Masters. You can bring a camera to the practice rounds, but by no means should you try and bring one to actual tournament play. If you do, the next picture you take may be from your car ride home.
7. Complaints that the green jacket clashes with the winner’s wardrobe.
A green jacket, whether worn by an Augusta National member or past winner is a thing of pride. While styles have come and gone on the golf course, the green jacket will never clash with anything, ever.
6. Complaints that the food prices for sandwiches on the course are too high.
While it may cost a pretty penny to attend the Masters and stay in Augusta, your food bill on the course doesn’t have to be exorbitant. Sandwiches cost just $3.00 each, and have since the 1980’s. If you’re over 21 years old and want to wash your lunch down with a beer, it will just be another $3.00. That’s just $6.00 for lunch and a drink!
5. Comments about how the logo looks different from last years'.
While some sporting events tout new logos every year, and “special edition” merchandise, the Masters logo has never, and we’re guessing, will never change. You can bet that if you get the chance to go to a Masters tournament and want to buy something to remember the occasion, you’ll be waiting for quite some time (but it’s worth it).
4. “Can I have your autograph?”
According to the Augusta Master’s Patron Information page, there aren’t any autographs allowed while attending the practice or tournament sessions. However, if you can find your way to the Par 3 contest, autographs are allowed there.
3. “Where are the cart paths?”
The Masters are a walking course; there are no golf carts allowed. And when we say “walking,” we mean it. You’re not supposed to run, skip or jump to get around, either. If you’re hurrying between holes to follow your favorite golfer for the day, anything above a brisk walk could get you in trouble with security.
2. A vuvuzela of any kind.
Decorum is of utmost importance at all major PGA tour events, and the Masters may just be one of the strictest. While some sports have become overrun by these loud (can I say obnoxious?) “Cheering Helpers” you won’t be hearing them on your TV anytime soon.
1. Something You Won’t SEE: Tracksuits, flip flops or denim.
Patrons of the tournament are expected to be in appropriate apparel and shoes at all times. If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket to the Masters, make sure to pack appropriately. You can find the perfect outfit on OxfordGolf.com, of course. Might we suggest a Swords Polo matched with Flat Front Shorts or Flat Front Pants, depending on the weather?

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