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Oxford Golf Welcomes Justin Lower to its Family of Players

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Oxford Golf is excited to announce that Justin Lower will be joining our roster of sponsored players in 2012. For those who may not be familiar with Lower, his collegiate career at Malone University was impressive, but even more impressive considering the adversity he has overcome at such a young age.

When Lower was just 15 years old, he lost his father and brother to an auto accident, Lower’s father was intoxicated at the time, and he almost lost his will to do anything. Lower said he found solace in the game of golf, and attributes the sport, and choosing to attend Malone University, for a renewed faith in life and Christianity.

Because of his struggles, and his ability to overcome them, Lower was the recipient of the 2011 David Toms Award.

Justin Lower is truly a young talent to watch, and we are excited to do so as an official supporter of his career. Welcome to the team, Justin!

Read more about Lower’s story, and the David Tom’s award here.

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