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Oxford Golf: Trust the Tradition

Posted on Apr/24/2012

"Trust the tradition" is Oxford Golf’s motto, but what does it mean? Does it mean respecting a tradition of quality and craftsmanship when it comes to our classic golf apparel? Yes. Does it mean respecting the courtesies when playing the game? Of course.

Respecting golf's unwritten rules of etiquette is something that, for some, is as important as abiding by the actual rules of the game. Whether it’s the decorum you conduct yourself while on the course or the clothes you wear, respecting the game of golf means more than just following the rulebook.

Here are some typical standards of etiquette on a golf course:

  • Do not distract other players when they are about to hit the ball.
  • Play your game as quickly as you can so as not to impede the game of others. (See Slow Play for what you can do to pass the time if you’re behind someone not following this guideline).
  • Be honest with your score and calling your own penalties.
  • Be honest with where your ball falls.
  • Do not drop your club on the green.
  • Concede a short putt to your opponent.

Oxford Golf not only respects these traditions, we respect the golf lovers out there who have come to expect a tradition of greatness from our apparel.

Trust the Tradition. We chose these words with care, and it is a phrase we keep in mind in all that we do. The classic golf attire that we produce isn’t designed to shock and awe spectators. Rather, it’s crafted using the best fabrics, techniques and could even help you improve your game. The performance polos use CoolMax (R) fabric that helps keep you comfortable on the course, and help you focus on your swing.

So, the next time that you’re staying quiet while a friend take his swing, know that you are upholding the long tradition of courteous golf. And, when you pull out your favorite Cranford Polo to wear that day, know that the people who designed it respect that tradition as well.

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