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Golf Style: How to Source a Golf Apparel Line

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Recently, Danny Gee, Vice President of Design and Merchandising, went on a sourcing trip for Oxford Golf all around Southeast Asia. While he was there, he posted on our Facebook page to keep us updated about his travels and meetings. In case you missed the posts, here's a breakdown about where Danny was, and what he was doing! Check out the map for the full visual impact of his journey.

3.11.2012:At last, after almost a day of travel I've arrived in Taipei, Taiwan for the first stop in our biannual Far East sourcing trip. Over the next 10 days I'll give everyone a look behind the scenes at the design and sourcing process involved in creating some of your favorite Oxford Golf styles. Hope you enjoy the journey and follow along!


3.11.2012: Our first vendor meeting Sunday evening with one of our performance fabric suppliers. Not as glamorous as you might expect (especially while fighting jetlag) but exciting none the less. Reviewing fabrics and trying to put the finishing touches on Spring 2013 while discussing options and trends for Fall 2013. When they present option "A" we ask what about "A+B"? When they present "A+B", we ask for A+B+C". It's the "what if?" back and forth that leads to innovation and newness.

3.12.2012: Like a kid in a candy store, this is my candy store! Just one of several rooms full of fabric swatches at our key performance fabrics mill. This is "shopping" at its' best and where many of our stretch performance Oxford Golf shirts are born. Had a great first full day of appointments filled with innovative fabrics, including one that actually helps cool the body and feels cold to the touch. Amazing technology. Taiwan finished, off to Hong Kong!


3.15.2012: Stopped by the Hong Kong Interstoff fabric show with the Oxford Golf sourcing team in search of new Fall 2013 fabrics.


3.17.2012: Working with the factory's pattern makers on a Spring 2013 style in Bangalore, India. A 20 minute face to face meeting sure beats a week of emails back and forth!


3.20.2012: Last stop on the sourcing trip, Bandung, Indonesia. Here's a shot from the sewing floor of the factory that makes all of our great Oxford Golf pants and shorts. One of the most impressive factories I've ever visited for sure! Thanks for coming along on the trip!

l.jpg a.jpg


Thank you Danny for the great posts and pictures!

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