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Golf Style: Cooler Weather Doesn’t Have to Slow You Down

Posted on Oct/28/2014

As tempting as it is to stay inside, bundled up, sipping a hot beverage, during the cooler months, don’t let a little chill stop you! If you dress properly, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the outdoors, even if your favorite course is closed for the season. By dressing in warmer layers that do not weigh you down, you will be able to take advantage of the crisp air, and clear blue skies. Read More »

From the Course: Oxford Golf Heads to the First Tee Grand Stand

Posted on Jul/31/2014

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of representing Oxford Golf at the First Tee, Grand Stand- Future Generations Tournament in Pawley’s Beach, South Carolina. The event was hosted at the Caledonia Fish & Golf Club, by Kelly Tilghman and Charlie Rymer of The Golf Channel. At the event, we met some awesome teenage golfers, saw a live broadcast of the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, and had the pleasure of giving away nearly 150 shirts! Read More »

Golf Style: Sunup to Sundown

Posted on Jul/17/2014

During the summer, a great day includes an early tee time, lunch at the club, some putting greens in the afternoon, and dinner inside. The key is, to bring exactly what you’ll need for all day in your golf back, thus limiting the need to go home between activities! Here are our recommendations for what to wear all day long. Read More »

A Lesson in Etiquette at Golf Tournaments (for Kids):

Posted on Jun/12/2014

Golf tournaments are wonderful sporting events to attend as a family. Aside from being held in gorgeous locations, golf offers the opportunity to get extremely close to the professional athletes and really see them “go to work.” While these are some of my favorite aspects of going to golf events, they also lend themselves to some unique etiquette guidelines I would encourage anyone to follow at a tournament, especially children. Read More »

Oxford Golf Style: Gifts for Father’s Day

Posted on May/23/2014

Whether he loves the links, or would rather stay inside, Oxford Golf has the perfect present for dad this Father’s Day. Take a look at our suggestions for great Father’s Day gifts for golf lovers. Read More »

Golf Style: Classic Authentic Performance from Oxford Golf

Posted on Apr/30/2014

At Oxford Golf, we keep three things in mind when designing our golf apparel: performance, style and authenticity. Read More »

Golf Tips: Getting Started in Golf

Posted on Mar/06/2014

Earlier this week, LPGA Player Austin Ernst came by the office to preview what’s new for Fall ’14 from Oxford Golf. While she was here, we picked her brain about what you would need if you’re just starting out with this sport. Read More »

Golf Style: A Sneak Peek into Fall ’14 for Oxford Golf

Posted on Feb/26/2014

Last month, Oxford Golf displayed the latest in golf apparel and design at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show. For those not able to attend the show, we took a few pictures that give a peek into what is coming this fall for Oxford Golf. Read More »

Golf Style: A Case for Cotton

Posted on Feb/06/2014

There is no denying that the world of golf apparel has been taken over by performance, polyester polos. We’re no different. Our CoolMax® fabric polos are the best wicking polos in the golf business, and are a favorite among customers and staff. That being said, there is still a need for the cotton polo in the game of golf. Why you ask? Let me detail some reasoning below. Read More »

From the Course: Golfing in Winter Conditions

Posted on Dec/20/2013

Winter weather is slowly making its way across the US right now, and golfers everywhere are retreating inside for warmth. Well, most golfers are going inside, but not Oxford Golf ambassadors. Our golfers don’t miss an opportunity to practice their swings, even in ice and snow. Read More »

From the Course: Golf Swing Tips from Golf Professionals

Posted on Dec/11/2013

If you could ask a PGA or Web.com Tour player one thing about your golf game, what would it be? We thought it would probably be for a piece of advice about golf swings. So, Oxford Golf sat down with Andrew Loupe and Justin Lower and asked them just that. Read More »

Most Wanted Golf Gifts of 2013

Posted on Nov/21/2013

How many golf balls, tees, or pairs of socks does the golf lover in your life need, really? Step away from the stocking stuffers and give them what they really want this year: golf apparel, golf accessories and some gag gifts. Read More »

Golf Style: The Sutton Pullover

Posted on Oct/17/2013

As we trade in our shorts for slacks on the golf course, it is important to have a great layering piece that can transition you to cooler temperatures. The Sutton is a cotton, quarter zip pullover, perfect for this season, and it will be your closet staple for this year. Read More »

PRESS RELEASE: Oxford Golf Congratulates John Peterson and Andrew Loupe

Posted on Oct/01/2013

After two years working their way through the Web.com Tour and other PGA Tour events, LSU graduates and former roommates, Andrew Loupe and John Peterson, earned their 2014 PGA Tour cards. Oxford Golf has been the clothing sponsor for both Peterson and Loupe since they turned professional in 2012, and looks forward to continuing its partnerships with them during their first year on the PGA Tour. Read More »

From the Course: A Chat with Austin Ernst

Posted on Sep/03/2013

What is life like on the road for an up and coming golfer? Austin Ernst sat down with our team and answered a few of our most asked questions. Read More »

Life on Tour With John Peterson

Posted on Aug/05/2013

We recently sat down and asked Oxford Golf ambassadors about their life on tour as a golf professional. Here's what John Peterson had to say. Read More »

Golf Style: Golf Fashion Trends

Posted on Jul/25/2013

Since we’re heavy in to the 2013 golf season, it’s about time to catch up on what the trends are in the world of golf fashion so you can figure out which of them you want to incorporate into your own locker or golf bag. Read More »

Golf Style: Women’s Golf Fashion Trends

Posted on Jul/18/2013

Not quite a year ago, Oxford Golf announced that it was expanding its line of golf clothing to include comfortable and classic-looking golf clothes for women. What's the latest in women's golf fashion? Read More »

Golf Style: Perfectly Patriotic from Oxford Golf

Posted on Jul/02/2013

This week marks America’s 237 birthday. Happy Birthday, America! If you want to show your spirit on the golf course, or at a Fourth of July party, Oxford Golf has great red, white and blue golf apparel, for you. Read More »

Ted Potter, Jr: A New Oxford Golf Ambassador

Posted on Mar/20/2013

Oxford Golf is excited to announce that Ted Potter, Jr. is joining the roster of Oxford Golf sponsored golfers for the year 2013. Potter will wear Oxford Golf apparel during the remainder of 2013 at all PGA tour and media events. Read More »

Honda Classic and Arnold Palmer Invitational Facts: History and Tradition with Oxford Golf

Posted on Mar/20/2013

Oxford Golf brand ambassador Brian Katrek hosts a daily show on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio. Recently, he’s started to incorporate fun, historical facts about PGA Tour events into his show. Brian has been kind enough to share the files with us, and we thought you’d all want to learn a little bit of history. Listen to these short clips to learn a little more about the Honda Classic and the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Read More »

Oxford Golf Style: Seeing Stripes for Spring

Posted on Mar/14/2013

It’s starting. We’ve adjusted our clocks forward an hour, flowers are starting to pop up, and every now and again, there’s a 70 degree, sunny day just perfect for a round of golf. Spring is upon us, and we, at Oxford Golf, could not be happier about it. This spring, spice up your golf wardrobe with new selections from Oxford Golf. Read More »

Andrew Loupe Chats with Oxford Golf

Posted on Feb/13/2013

Oxford Golf Ambassador Andrew Loupe recently sat down with us to answer a few questions. Andrew turned pro in 2012 after playing golf with fellow Oxford Golf Ambassador John Peterson at LSU. Andrew was oh-so-close to earning his PGA Tour card at the end of Q-School this year, but missed the cut. We sat down with Andrew for a quick chat about what he’s looking forward to most about 2013. Read More »

Golf Tips: Gearing up for Spring

Posted on Feb/06/2013

While it may only be February, , the winter ice and snow will thaw out sooner than you know it, and it will be time to break out your clubs. Now is a great time to make sure your equipment is in great playing condition, so when the first perfect weekend of spring arrives, you’ll be ready to head out on the course. What are our tips for getting ready for golf again? Read More »

Golf Style: Swing into Spring with Oxford Golf

Posted on Jan/10/2013

It may still technically be winter, but the PGA Tour has officially started, so we at Oxford Golf think it’s time to introduce some spring colors into your wardrobe! The new Oxford Golf spring 2013 apparel line features new invigorating colors and styles for both men and lady golfers. Here are some of our favorite new items! Read More »

My Golf New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on Dec/20/2012

They say no one keeps New Year’s resolutions, but every year, we set them anyway. It’s always nice to think of a new year as a fresh start, and the opportunity to change things about ourselves that we’ve always wanted to. Most people want to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, etc., and, of course, leading a healthier lifestyle is at the top of my list as well. So I’ve put together a list of healthy changes I want to make in my life, all pertaining to golf. Read More »

How to Deal with Disappointment on the Golf Course

Posted on Dec/13/2012

Picture this: you’re standing at the tee, you take a shot, and you know immediately your ball is going in the lake/sand trap/trees. We’ve all been there. As great of a game as golf is, it is also filled with disappointments. Here are some suggestions on how to handle it. Read More »

Belly Putters: USGA and R&A Make a Gut Decision

Posted on Nov/29/2012

Buzz around golf this week is all about the infamous (soon to be extinct) belly putters. Starting in 2016, the use of these putters will decrease dramatically as a new rule proposed by the USGA yesterday would make it a violation to anchor a putter to any point of your body during competition. What do the Oxford Golf ambassadors think about the proposed rule change? Read More »

Golf Style: Oxford Golf Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Posted on Nov/14/2012

Have you started planning for the holidays this year? Find the perfect gift for every golf lover on your list at OxfordGolf.com! From sweaters, to pants, to woven sport shirts, our apparel makes the perfect gift. And, as a bonus, all this month and in December, we’ll be adding extra gifts with your purchase. So, get something for a friend or loved one, and get something for yourself as well. Read More »

Golf Style: Dressing for Colder Conditions Like a Lady

Posted on Nov/08/2012

Women golfers need to stay warm, too, and all too often their choices are limited when it comes to cool weather golf apparel. At Oxford Golf, we realize that women golfers need cool weather apparel as well, and have created great pieces that are not only feminine, but warm for the cooler months as well. So, when the sky is blue but the wind is picking up, don’t stay inside, put on an extra layer or two and hit the course! Read More »

The Road to the PGA Tour

Posted on Nov/01/2012

Oxford Golf would like to congratulate Nicholas Thompson for his outstanding 2012 Web.com Tour season! With seven top 10 finishes, Nick had a steady rise to the top and earned his 2013 PGA Tour card at the end of the Web.com Tour Championship at TPC Craig Ranch. Nick played on the PGA Tour in 2006 as well as from 2008-2010. He’s honed his skills in the Web.com Tour over the last two years, and we are confident he will be successful during the 2013 season. Read More »

Golf Style: Proper Clubhouse Attire

Posted on Oct/18/2012

The game of golf isn’t all putting and birdies; there is also the social aspect of the game so many of us find enticing. When you’re through with the 18 holes and are playing at a club, you may be invited for drinks or dinner at the clubhouse. You probably won’t want to wear the same clothes you’ve been walking around in all day, so it’s good to know what to change into that will be clubhouse appropriate attire. Oxford Golf not only dresses golfers for the course, but also for the clubhouse. Here are our picks for what to wear at the club. Read More »

Golf Style: How to Build a Fall Golf Wardrobe

Posted on Oct/11/2012

We’ve already talked a lot about the Oxford Golf sweater collection, but a sweater itself does not make a fall wardrobe. To fill your golf locker with everything you need for this season, you’ll need more than just one piece of new outerwear. Performance golf clothing isn’t just restricted to the summer months when you are worried the most about sweat and which shirts provide the best wicking. Fall clothes need to also wick, but keep you warm at the same time. Here are our suggestions for the perfect fall wardrobe. Read More »

Halloween 2012: How to Dress Up as Oxford Golf Ambassadors

Posted on Oct/04/2012

If you’re looking for the perfect unexpected costume for this year’s Halloween celebrations, why not dress up as one of the Oxford Golf ambassadors? David Toms and John Peterson have both seen a lot of TV time this year, and are perfect inspirations for your parties. So, how do you dress as an Oxford Golf ambassador? Here are our suggestions: Read More »

Golf Style: It’s Sweater Season- Oxford Golf’s Most Popular Sweaters

Posted on Sep/27/2012

Temperatures are coming down around the country and fall is being ushered in. Fall is one of my favorite times to play golf. The humidity is low, the chances of rain are minimal, and the fall colors are just plain pretty. Oxford Golf is known for our performance polos, but our sweater collection will also help you improve your game. So far this season, two sweaters are standing out as clear favorites. The Rosemount Lined Wind Sweater and the Cork Lined Wind Sweaters. Read More »

Sneak Peek: Behind the Scenes of our 2013 Season Photo Shoot

Posted on Sep/21/2012

This week, Danny Gee and I traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to get some new images of Oxford Golf Ambassadors David Toms, John Peterson and Andrew Loupe for the site, as well as for the Oxford Golf newsletters. This was the first time that I’d met John and Andrew, and I must say these guys are great! The day was long, and the weather was balmy, but we all pulled together and got some great shots. Read More »

Golf Style: Fall is in the Air, and Football is on the Mind

Posted on Sep/06/2012

College and professional football both kicked off in the last week, and the excitement is palpable. Fans around the country are donning their favorite colors and painting their bodies to show how committed they are to helping their favorite team win. And speaking of “donning favorite colors,” if you’re looking for what to wear this season to a tailgate or game, you need to check out the new Campus Collection introduced online. Read More »

How to Celebrate a Great Shot

Posted on Aug/24/2012

When you sign up to play golf, you know you’re setting yourself up for some hard times, bad putts, bad lays, etc. But once in a while, the stars seem to align and you hit the perfect shot. Maybe it’s a hole-in-one; maybe it’s just an amazing drive down the fairway or a clutch putt at the perfect moment. Whatever the it is, you probably feel like jumping and shouting for joy. Now, we’re not going to tell you that celebrating isn’t called for, but there are some things to keep in mind so that you don’t cross the line from excited to bragging. Here’s our advice on how to celebrate a great golf shot. Read More »

Golf Style: Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Posted on Aug/16/2012

If fall is your favorite time of year to play golf, you’re probably itching to get on the course more than ever. However, you have to be smart about it. What kind of classic golf pieces should you select for your wardrobe that will carry you from summer into fall, and then back into spring? Not surprisingly, we have suggestions that will improve your golf wardrobe, as well as your golf performance. Read More »

How Can You Convince Your Boss to Let You Play Golf?

Posted on Aug/09/2012

It’s almost Labor Day, and that means that summer is coming to a close. It’s the last chance, for most, for a long weekend before the Thanksgiving break, and it should mean that temperatures will return to tolerable levels sometime soon. While you sit and salivate over the idea of one more barbeque, or one more weekend away, we’re thinking about how you can convince your boss to let you relax a little more during non-scheduled downtime. Read More »

It’s the Little Things that Make a Difference

Posted on Aug/02/2012

I’ll admit it; I’m a huge fan of the Olympic Games. When you get so many talented young people competing in sports they’ve trained in their entire lives, you know it will be the small things that make the biggest difference. Yesterday, I watched swimmers win by one-hundredth of a second. I’ve watched gymnasts miss the cut for the individual all-around competition by tenths of a point. It truly is the little things that make such a big difference. And the good news is that at Oxford Golf, we also appreciate the little things. Read More »

Unexpected Things That Will Help Your Golf Game

Posted on Jul/26/2012

While we all know that practice makes perfect, what other tactics could you employ to improve your game, other than just going to a driving range, or paying for lessons? Here are some ideas I’ve sourced from co-workers and friends about some of their unexpected strategies. Read More »

Golf Style: Oxford Golf Introduces New Women’s Golf Apparel

Posted on Jul/18/2012

Oxford Golf has a reputation for creating some of the finest performance golf apparel that can be found. Now, women can find the same styles they seek out in their pro-shops and country clubs on our website, too. Introducing the fall 2012 women’s apparel offerings from Oxford Golf! Read More »

What it feels Like to Win Your First Professional Tournament

Posted on Jul/10/2012

Earlier this year, we announced that Justin Lower would be joining Oxford Golf as our newest ambassador. He’s been playing around the country in some smaller tournaments since then, and last week had his first professional win! At the NGA TOUR Carolina Summer Series event at Aberdeen Country Club, Lower won after a playoff with Wesley Graham. We caught up with Lower after the win, and here’s what he had to say. Read More »

What a Week for Oxford Golf at the U.S. Open

Posted on Jun/21/2012

What a week we had during the U.S. Open. David Toms, John Peterson and Nicholas Thompson all made the weekend cut at Olympic; a feat not to be understated. Making the weekend more exciting, David and John were paired together on Saturday. The LSU alumns had quite the day, to say the least. John Peterson stunned the crowd with a hole in one (an “ace” as its nicknamed) on 13. His reaction is one of pure joy. I have to admit I had a very similar reaction when I saw it on TV. Read More »

What Not to Forget on Your Next Vacation

Posted on Jun/14/2012

Have you heard the news? Oxford Golf has teamed up with the Curaçao Tourist Board, Hyatt Regency Curaçao and Old Quarry Golf Course to give 6 amazingly lucky winners the chance to escape on a golf lover’s dream vacation. Let’s say that you’re one of the winners and suddenly you need to pack for a 5 day, 4 night trip to paradise. Even if you’re not going to Curaçao you’re probably taking a summer vacation, and you may be planning to play some golf while you’re away. What do you pack? More importantly, what shouldn’t you forget to pack? Read More »

Five Reasons the U.S. Revolution is Like the Game of Golf

Posted on Jun/07/2012

How can I tie in my love for the 4th of July to the game of golf? Well, I can think of at least 5 commonalities. Can you think of any others? Read More »

A Golfer’s Paradise, Compliments of Oxford Golf (Press Release)

Posted on Jun/01/2012

Oxford Golf is excited to announce a year-long promotion partnered with the Old Quarry Golf Course, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Curaçao and the Curaçao Tourist Board that will send six lucky winners on a trip to Curaçao for a golfer’s dream vacation. Read More »

We’re Getting Excited for the U.S. Open!

Posted on May/31/2012

Before I came to work for Oxford Golf, I thought that March Madness had tough and somewhat complicated qualifying standards. Now I know it’s nothing compared to the U.S. Open. There are so many ways to qualify for the U.S. Open that they have a space entirely dedicated to the process on the official website. Currently, there are 76 “exempt” players going to the tournament, including David Toms! Read More »

Happy Father’s Day from Oxford Golf!

Posted on May/21/2012

Earlier in the year, we suggested some Father's Day gift items based on Dad's favorite libation. Here, we're taking a different approach. Let's use dad's personality as a gift guide. Read More »

Oxford Golf Announces Sponsorship of 2012 Golf.com World Amateur Handicap Championship (Release)

Posted on May/21/2012

Today Oxford Golf is excited to announce its sponsorship of the 2012 Golf.com World Amateur Handicap Championship in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The event is being held August 27-31, 2012 and is the largest amateur golf tournament in the world, boasting close to 4,000 participants, in 2011. Read More »

My Week at THE PLAYERS Championship

Posted on May/14/2012

When my boss headed to the Zurich Classic, I commented that it would be nice to join the team for a golf tournament. Last week, I got my chance! I was able to go with Dave Leveille, President of Oxford Golf, and Danny Gee, Vice President of Merchandising + Design to Jacksonville for the week, to check out THE PLAYERS Championship. Read More »

Golf Style: Stay Cool with Super Dry® CoolMax Fabrics® and Shorts from Oxford Golf

Posted on May/03/2012

This spring in Atlanta, Ga. it’s been in the mid to upper 80’s and sunny almost every day. I’m not one to complain about sunny weather, but isn’t it a little early in the year to break into the 90’s? Yet, a sunny day on the weekend has almost a built in requirement to head to the golf course or a driving range. Read More »

Oxford Golf at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans

Posted on Apr/26/2012

This week, Dave Leveille, President of Oxford Golf, traveled to New Orleans to catch all the action down in the Bayou. While there, he caught up with David Toms at the Pro-Am event on Wednesday, and watched him hit a few, and meet with the LSU Women’s Golf Team Read More »

Golf Style: Dress Like a Pro, Play Like a Pro

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Close your eyes. What does a golfer look like? Let me guess, a polo shirt and khakis, perhaps a sweater vest if it’s chilly out where you are, today? Not surprisingly, most everyone knows what the golfers “uniform” is. Club standards and rules have ensured that. So it’s no surprise that true lovers of golf, and the professionals lucky enough to play golf for a living, focus their attention on what their golf clothes can do for them. Oxford Golf has long believed that the clothes a golfer wears can inherently affect their performance. The better the clothing, the better the swing, we say. And why not? If you’re on a course playing all 18 holes you’re going to be outside for hours. If your clothes aren’t able to handle the surroundings, your game is sure to suffer. Read More »

Six Unforgivable Golf Sins

Posted on Apr/24/2012

In our recent blog post about the tradition of golf, and the tradition of classic golf apparel from Oxford Golf, we bulleted out what could be considered some of the top golf “no-nos.” Here, we’re going to break them out in more depth, because it’s worth knowing why. This rule seems like a no-brainer. Whether from the tee or setting up a putt, hitting a golf ball requires tremendous concentration and skill. Unless you want your buddies hooting and hollering while you line up your next birdie putt, don’t do the same. Remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. So keep quiet. Read More »

Golf Style: How to Source a Golf Apparel Line

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Recently, Danny Gee, Vice President of Design and Merchandising, went on a sourcing trip for Oxford Golf all around Southeast Asia. While he was there, he posted on our Facebook page to keep us updated about his travels and meetings. In case you missed the posts, here's a breakdown about where Danny was, and what he was doing! Check out the map for the full visual impact of his journey. Read More »

Top 10 Things You Will Never Hear at The Masters

Posted on Apr/24/2012

10. “Hold on, I need to post this video to Facebook” In this social media obsessed world it may surprise you to know that you cannot bring a smart phone into the Masters. No cell phones are allowed on the course at all, actually, but we’ll get to that, next. 9. “Can I borrow your cell phone?” Even if your phone isn’t the fancy kind that takes pictures and posts things to social media sites, you won’t be allowed to bring it in to the Masters Tournament. Cell phones ring, people talk on them, and texting makes noise, too. All of these things can cause a distraction to the players and other patrons of the tournament. Enjoy the time spent unplugged! Read More »

Oxford Golf: Trust the Tradition

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Trust the tradition" is Oxford Golf’s motto, but what does it mean? Does it mean respecting a tradition of quality and craftsmanship when it comes to our classic golf apparel? Yes. Does it mean respecting the courtesies when playing the game? Of course. Respecting golf's unwritten rules of etiquette is something that, for some, is as important as abiding by the actual rules of the game. Whether it’s the decorum you conduct yourself while on the course or the clothes you wear, respecting the game of golf means more than just following the rulebook. Read More »

From the Clubhouse to Your House, Oxford Golf Has You Covered (Press Release)

Posted on Apr/24/2012

the highest quality golf clothing. Whether shopping straight from a course, or clicked from a link, customers now have the opportunity to find Oxford Golf online, and in 1,500 of the finest pro shops across the country. Oxford Golf richly personifies the same sophistication, tradition and performance as the game of golf itself, and the new website lives up to those high standards. Site features include: Read More »

Congratulations to John Peterson for His First Professional Win!

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Oxford Golf would like to congratulate John Peterson for winning his first professional golf tournament over the weekend. Peterson, who was the 2011 individual NCAA Champion, won the Adams Pro Golf Tour Series' Coca-Cola Wal-Mart Open in an intense, sudden death playoff. Locked in a three-way tie at -15 under par after the regular play, six extra holes had to be added in order for Peterson to claim the victory. In what he described as a “marathon, a test of patience and will to get it done,” in an article on The Town Talk, Peterson really demonstrated his will to succeed as he battled out for the win. Read More »

How to Pass the Time if You’re behind Slow Play

Posted on Apr/24/2012

he other day, I was reading GolfDigest.com and I found a very amusing list. Their writers wrote a funny and relevant piece about the 18 Most Annoying Golf Partners. All of the examples on the list seem to result in one thing for the group behind- slow play. This got me thinking. What if you aren’t the partner, but if you’re stuck behind the foursome playing with one? So, if you’re stuck behind a group moving slower than you want, for whatever reason, here are some fun time-passers that can help move the day along (even if your golf game isn’t): Read More »

Golf Style: A Rainbow of Colorful Golf Apparel

Posted on Apr/24/2012

I’ve been seeing a lot of trends recently on the golf course. A big one is COLOR! It seems that from the newbies to the established pros, everyone is injecting colorful pieces into their wardrobes. Golf courses are often set on some of the most picturesque locations in the country and around the world. You deserve to look as great as the scenery does. What you may not realize, is that Oxford Golf has embraced this color trend for years. Many of the Oxford Golf Performance Polos come in nine or ten different color options, and that’s just for each individual style of shirt! If you were to fill your closet with all of the bright, quality golf clothing that Oxford Golf has to offer, you would have over 1,000 shirts in your closet, 10 pairs of shorts, and belts to match! Read More »

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Oxford Golf

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Gift giving for Dad can often be quite challenging. How many ties does one man need, exactly? If you’re tired of giving him the same old thing, why not consider Dad’s favorite libation as inspiration for your purchase? Note: while we say “Dad” here, these pairings would be perfect for any man in your life, regardless of whether it’s Father’s Day, Easter, or just a great golf weekend! Here are our suggestions for the golf gentleman in your life: Read More »

Golf Style: Apparel for Any Weather

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Everyone knows that this winter, the weather has been very unpredictable, and almost spring-like. With weather like this, it’s hard to know what to wear on the course that will be comfortable, and help improve your golf performance. Well, have no fear! Here are our suggestions for appropriate golf apparel that will keep you at the top of your game. Read More »

Oxford Golf Welcomes Justin Lower to its Family of Players

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Oxford Golf is excited to announce that Justin Lower will be joining our roster of sponsored players in 2012. For those who may not be familiar with Lower, his collegiate career at Malone University was impressive, but even more impressive considering the adversity he has overcome at such a young age. Read More »

Oxford Golf is All New with A New Blog!

Posted on Apr/24/2012

Welcome to the Oxford Golf Blog! Here, you’ll find the latest tour player news, company info, and sometimes we may even throw a special or two in for our devoted readers. This blog will be maintained by members of the Oxford Golf team, internally, so you know you’ll get the latest information, straight from the source. Read More »

PGA TOUR and Oxford Golf Group Announce Merchandise Partnership (Press Release)

Posted on Apr/24/2012

The partnership will begin on Feb 1, 2010, and will include 14 PGA TOUR events in 2010, including all events on the PGA TOUR that are run by the TOUR’s Championship Management department. The first event included in the agreement is the Northern Trust Open being played at Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, CA, Feb. 1-7, 2010. Read More »

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